To Buy or To Rent?

      • That Is The Question!
      • Let's be honest: the idea of buying your first home can be daunting, and down right scary.  And just like the pregnancy announcement, which can happen before or after the BIGGEST purchase of your life (no judgement here!), there will be no shortage of unsolicited advice coming from all angles : Where To Buy on the same street as my parents?) , with whom ( think: long term committment ), and How Much Can You Afford? (so that's what they meant by "Ramen noodle budget"!) Whether your motivations are strictly financial, or because your inner fashionista is SCREAMING for more room to incorporate all that leopard print, fear not!  The National Association of REALTORS®  provides a punch list of questions to seriously consider if you've found yourself questioning if you're ready to take the plunge:
    • Should You Look for Your First House Or Keep Renting?
      5 key questions to ask yourself before buying a home.
      • Whatever your long term or immediate goals, big or small, you're not in it alone. My team of experts are here for every step of the process, and we're only a phone call (or a Click!) away.